Rajasthan Weekend Getaway

Rajasthan Weekend Getaway

Rajasthan is not merely a state – it is an experience. And if you live anywhere close, this place will offer you more weekend destinations than you can handle!

We present 5 wonderful weekend destinations in Rajasthan that will make you want to travel right away. Read on to lose yourself in this heavenly land where the old meets the new.


Mere words cannot do justice to the countless hues of this singularly historic city. Be it art, architecture, literature, handiwork, nature or even raw, powerful spirit—Jaipur has it all. The breathtaking Jal Mahal, the scintillating Jantar Mantar, the extraordinary Pink City and the grandiose Hawa Mahal are a few of the endless gems in the city’s treasure chest. As for cuisine, it is common knowledge that Rajasthani food is on the spicier side. Take your taste-buds on a roller-coaster ride with the spectrum of dishes this place offers.

Distance from Delhi: 269 km | Time taken: 4h 26m

Amer Fort, Jaipur

Jal Mahal, Jaipur


Cross your fingers and a tiger might just decide to honour you with its glorious presence! The Ranthambore National Park, with its silvery rivers and dreamy terrain, will leave you speechless with its equally magnificent flora and fauna. A playful deer fight, a curious mongoose, cackling hyenas—Ranthambore is throbbing with wildlife. As you stand on the crumbling ruins of the ancient Ranthambore Fort, take a deep breath and let the jungle vibes embrace your very being.

Distance from Delhi: 369 km | Time taken: 6h 45m

Ranthambore Fort

The Tigers of Ranthambore


Get your cameras and binoculars ready, as you voyage from Delhi to Bharatpur, and land right  in bird paradise. With over 230 different species of birds adorning the bright-blue skies, the Keoladeo National Park is also a coveted winter home for the endangered Siberian Crane.  Declared a World Heritage Sight by UNESCO, the park offers the unique beauty of a wetland, with a plethora of amphibians and reptiles crawling around merrily. Try to catch the splendid Brij Festival, organized every year before Holi.

Distance from Delhi: 199 km | Time taken: 3h 5m.

A Road In The Woods, Bharatpur

Exotic Birds, Bharatpur


Nestled among the mighty Aravalis, Alwar echoes with the majestic tales of the chivalrous Maharana Pratap. The Bala Quila Fort and the mysterious Bhangarh Fort are two of Alwar’s famous strongholds. Visit any of the colourful markets (the Churi Bazaar is a favourite) dotting the old town and you’ll be surprised at the sheer, gorgeous variety of jewellery and handicraft. Lastly, one does not simply leave Alwar without sampling the pride of town—Alwar ka mawa (milkcake) and Kalakand.

Distance from Delhi: 155 km | Time taken: 2h 53m

Alwar Palace

City Palace, Alwar


Known as one of the ‘painted towns of Shekhawati’, Mandawa is an embodiment of pure, unadulterated art. The overwhelming display of gaily painted havelis, with their explosion of intricate frescos, will leave your senses craving for more. As you explore the back alleys of this castle town, listen close, and you might just hear the whispered legends of its long-lost regal past. It’s no wonder that the entire town is said to be one big open-air art gallery.

Distance from Delhi: 245 km | Time taken: 4h 52m

Colorful painted Haveli in the city of Mandawa, Rajasthan

Frescoed Havelis in Mandawa village, traditional ornately decorated residence, India. Rajasthan

Convinced? Go, convince your squad, grab the bare essentials and make the next weekend unforgettable, with a little help from Rajasthan.