Andaman & Nicobar Pocket Guide

How to plan your Andaman Trip?
Andaman Trip can sometimes get daunting because of so many things happening across Andaman Tours. Hundreds of people offer Andaman Tour Packages. How will you know what is best during your trip? Well, do cheapest tours to Andaman actually means its cheapest? Well, trust us this page has it all and this page will give you an overview as how to plan your Andaman Trip. To begin with, we recommend you to

Identify 3 Most Important Things for your Trip:
Before we land into the top 3 points. We recommend you to check the flight tickets. Flight tickets usually get expensive as the date of travel approaches near. Book your flight tickets as early as possible. Suggested time is 72-90 Days in advance. Well, sometimes you get a deal as the date is very close to the departure may be around 7 days before your departure. However, at that moment since the day of your travel is close by finding good hotels as per your liking will be difficult. In Andaman, the good hotels and resorts get sold out fast. If you are not finding cheap tickets during your travel date then put an alert in This website will give you regular updates about the price for your travel dates. The second option is to consult local travel companies in Andaman who does group flight bookings. These companies have better deals on the flight tickets as they purchase some tickets in advance for a group. Now let’s begin.

Things you need to identify
Destination and Attractions you prefer to visit. Described in detail below.
Things you wish to do in Andaman Islands. Updated as of 2018.
✓ Number of Days you plan to visit, do not plan just 3-4 days. It is too less time to visit this exotic destination. However, if you have a time constraint then consider a combination of 2 Nights Port Blair and 1 Night Havelock Island atleast.
✓ Expected Budget. Every one has a limit.

✓ Some prefer everything.
✓ Some prefer a relaxed trip not bothered about where they go and what they do. Just don’t want any overhead.
✓ Some are more inclined towards “Dude, what are the cheapest things to do? or how to reduce my trip cost”.
✓ Some for Honeymoon, Business meets, Group tour, MICE etc…

Now, considering all these factors this is what we at Experience Andamans try to achieve. Irrespective of what your budget is, what your preferences are, what your feedback for a particular destination is or what your inner self feel is correct. An unbiased review about a particular hotel, resort, activity or restaurant is what we recommend to travellers to help plan their trip in a better way.

Where do most people visit?
Most of the travellers who visit Andaman Islands, visit Port Blair (The Capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands), Havelock Island(Known for its beach resorts and amazing water activities) and Neil Island (Scenic Island with very little crowd and lots of open space). Now, those who come for longer duration visit Middle Andaman, this includes Baratang Island and Rangat, and North Andaman, known for its turtle nesting grounds and twin island Ross and Smith. In addition, some offbeat travelers visit Long Island and Little Andaman as well. The connectivity for both Little Andaman and Long Island are not very good as of 2018. Seen below is the map of the Andaman Islands that will give you an idea about the islands.

For How many days should I come to Andaman? What are the various tours?
You should come to Andaman Island for a minimum of 4 Days. Now, there are various kinds of packages that one can select or can customize a tour based upon the requirement. We are listing some of the packages that can be selected. For those coming from 4 days until 10 days here are some packages for you

Package tour for 4 Days If you are planning a 3 Night and 4 Days tour to Andaman then you can consider this trip. It is a combination of both Port Blair and Havelock Island. For a Weekend also this tour will come handy.

Andaman Package for 5 Days Now many come to Andaman for 4 Nights and 5 Days. This trip contains some of the best attractions in Andaman during this 4 day trip. This package contains both Port Blair and Havelock Island along with Ross Island and Coral Island.

Andaman Package for 6 Days We always recommend travelers to come to andaman for atleast 5 Night and 6 Days so that they can spend a decent amount of time in Andaman without much hurry. This is one package for 6 Days, it can be further customized to add Neil Island.

Package tour for 7 Days 6 Nights and 7 Days trip to Andaman is actually perfect. In this you can easily cover Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island without much hassle and your trip will be very comfortable. This package explains one of this tour.

Andaman trip for 10 Days Now with 10 days you open doors to the North Andaman Islands which hosts one of the most unique attraction in Andaman the Ross and Smith Island. This package tour explains one of this trip that covers Port Blair, Havelock, Neil Island, Baratang and Diglipur along with visit to Ross and Smith Island. If you have sufficient number of days then a visit to Andaman for 10 Days is recommended by Experience Andamans.

Which Hotel or Resorts to select at the Andaman Islands?

Budget/Standard Category Hotels in Andaman Islands

Port Blair – Hotel Velocity, Andaman Residency, Hotel Marine View, Hotel London, Hotel Adarsh, Vedant Residency, Hotel Anbu etc.
Some even cheaper lodges are Phoenix, Hotel ASM, Hotel Paradise, Raj Niwas, Aashina Hotel and many more … These might not have any websites, however has a good following for people looking for budgeted trips.

Havelock Island – V Knot residency, Orient Legend Resort, Harmony Resort, Gold Star Beach resort, Hotel Saurav and few others. The cheapest rooms in any known resort are the NON AC Rooms, Eco Rooms or huts in Havelock Island. Eco Huts without attached bathrooms are cheap as well.

Neil Island – Pearl Park resort and Tango Resort NON AC Room are the best options currently available. Coconhuts beach resort, Blue stone Lodge, Hotel Kingfisher is dead cheap but the room quality is not very good.

Can we stay in NON AC Rooms or ECO Huts in the Andaman Islands, are these hotels safe?

Yes, its fine to stay in an Eco Huts (Available in Havelock and Neil Island.) or NON AC Rooms(Available in Port Blair). Specifically, if you are planning for a PADI certified course in Andaman,which are expensive then you do not want to spend a lot on your room cost. People who are avid travellers and who doesn’t care much about their accommodation or room quality can stay in such rooms. Just to make it clear, these rooms are clean, its just that these are very basic. Is it safe? Yes, indeed at the Andaman Islands people understand that their main source of revenue is tourism and the hotel and resorts make sure that the travellers are not affected by any kind of nuisance around their locality irrespective of what their gender or age is. Each person at the Andaman Islands unknowingly by his/her behaviour contribute to Andaman Tourism and help people around them. Also note that when you are staying in eco huts then please donot expect the luxury of a resort as we have seen many travelers complaining that the room is not very great for eco huts. In such cases, no one can do much as eco huts are created and managed in the most economical way possible.

Deluxe Category hotels in the Andaman Islands

Port Blair – Sea Shell, Hotel Shompen, Hotel Rhishab, Hotel NK Internation, Hotel J, Hotel Haywizz, De Marina (Sea Facing Hotel), Silver Spring, Aparupa, Sun Sea, Blue Sea, Megapode Nest . As of 2018, there are many new hotels that has come up in the islands that can be considered. etc.

Havelock Island – Symphony Palms, Sea Shell, Holiday Inn Beach Resort, Blue Bird Beach Resort, Wild Orchid, Dolphin Resort, Havelock Holiday Beach Resort and Havelock Island Beach Resort.

Luxury Category Hotels/ Resorts in Andaman Islands

Port Blair – Sea Princess beach resort, Sinclairs bay View, Peerless Sarovar, Fortune Resort Bay Island, Coral Cove and Rose Valley Resort.

Havelock Island – Silver Sand Beach Resort, Munjoh Ocean Resort and Barefoot, Coral Reef resort. Lately Taj has launched its property in 2018 at Havelock Island. For those who are looking into staying at the only 5 star resort in the islands then Taj is there for you at Havelock Island by the Indias best beach, Radhanagar.

Neil Island – At Neil these are the best options you can consider. Sea Shell at Neil Island, Pearl Park Beach Resort, TSG Aura, Silver Sand Resort at Neil, Holiday Inn Neil Island and Tango – Lagoon Room could be an option.

Must Visit Attraction at the Andaman Islands

Port Blair
✓ Jolly Bouy Island – Opened only for 6 months in a year. Closed on Mondays
✓ Baratang Island – Closed on Mondays
✓ Chidia Tapu – Always Open
✓ Ross Island – Closed on Wednesdays
✓ North Bay Island – Always Open
✓ Cellular Jail – Closed on Monday and Public Holidays. Though the Light and Sound Show is operational on all days usually.

Havelock Island
✓ Elephant Beach for Snorkeling – Can be reached by boat or by trekking for upto 40 Minutes from Havelock Jetty or can be reached via trekking.
✓ Radhanagar Beach – Always Open except after sunset.

Neil Island
✓ Laxmanpur Beach, Sitapur beach and Howra Bridge can be visited.

✓ Ross and Smith Island (Twin island adjoined by a Sand bar), Saddle Peak (Highest Point in Andaman) and Turtle nesting.

Must Do Activities at the Andaman Islands

✓  Scuba Diving at Havelock Island. – Courses for both Swimmers and Non Swimmers are available.
✓  Sea Walk at North Bay Island. – Both Swimmers and Non Swimmers can avail this trip. This is more like space walk.
✓  Snorkelling at Jolly Bouy and Elephant Beach – Anyone over the age of 7 Years can avail this activity.
✓  Trekking to Limestone Caves – Baratang Island – A little tiring for elderly people and people with physical disabilities.
✓  Fishing Trips to Cinque Island
✓  Kayaking in Havelock Island.
✓  Andaman Dolphin Glass Boat Ride.
✓  Coral Safari – Semi Submarine – Recommended for Travelers with Kids.
✓  TSG Bella Bay – Evening Luxury Cruise at Port Blair.
✓  Trip to Barren Island – The only active volcano in India.

Now, we think you have an overview of what your Andaman tour package should contain.

How cheap is the Andaman Tour Package?
On a general note, Andaman is fairly expensive than other cities in Mainland India, mainly because we don’t produce anything. Most of the things are imported from either Chennai or Kolkata via sea route. Now, Havelock and Neil Island are more expensive than Port Blair because you have to ship everything from the Capital city Port Blair to Havelock Island/ Neil Island. For that reason, the per night hotel room cost is almost double than what is available in Port Blair. Now, we head up to how can one get the best deal for Andaman?

If you come in a group of 20 people or above you will get the best deals. No matter where you stay and what you prefer because you will be travelling in your group and will distribute the total costing which will end up each person spending less amount than for travellers in less number. The discount can go upto 30%. However, please note that you will need local travel companies who can help you crack the best deal as these companies are very aware of the best cost that is available in the islands.

If you come in a group of 10 people the cost reduces. This can go upto 20% again but now you will just have to consider where you wish to stay as the cost can significantly vary depending upon the room cost per night.

For couples, your total cost depends upon the category of hotels, and the places you prefer to visit. Please don’t just go with the initial package cost you see. Ask the vendor, how have you charged me? Can you provide the breakup? Business who can provide the break ups are the real ones because they know the best prices in the market and are ready to share the breakup. Those who are not take different ways. We at Experience Andamans share breakup of the total tour cost so that you know what you are paying for. Thus bringing transparency in your trip to Andaman Islands.

The package price varies depending upon what you do and where you stay and yes the number of days as well. Some packages can go less than 5000 per person. Yes, off course this is the starting range where people travel for only 3 Nights or less to Andaman Islands. We at Experience Andamans, personally do not recommend such a less amount of days to Andaman Islands. But, be careful that you just don’t get anything which is not even worth the price you are paying for. On an average a package for 4 Nights and above can cost you Rupees 9000 to Rupees 50000 per person based on the things you will be doing in Andaman Islands.

Resorts / Hotels Suggested for Andaman and Nicobar Honeymoon Package?

PORT BLAIR – Hotel J, Hotel Shompen, Hotel Haywizz, Sinclairs, Megapode Nest, Sea Princess, Rose Valley and Peerless Sarovar.
HAVELOCK – Sea Shell, Symphony Palms, Silver Sand, Havelock Island beach Resort, Holiday Inn beach Resort, Munjoh, Coral Reef and Barefoot.
NEIL – Pearl Park Beach Resort, Summer Sand, Holiday Inn at Neil, TSG Aura and Sea Shell.

Now the only 5 star resort in Andaman has been launched in 2018, Taj. You can also consider Taj for your honeymoon in the islands. If you have any specific hotel or resort request during customization of your package then do drop a request.