Camping Under The Stars at Deoria Tal Lake

A long weekend always comes with some new things. And I always try to make most out of it. An escape from the monotones of chaotic roads, concrete structures, work, and vehicles is a must if one wishes to see Mother Nature in all her grandeur like me.

Uttarakhand is full of natural resources and the views are just captivating. Nestled amidst nature’s beauty, this Himalayan state offers numerous travel destinations to break the monotony. Situated at an elevation of 2438 m, Deoria Tal is one such destination that gives maximum returns for the effort put in. This offbeat place in Uttarakhand is just stunning.

Trip Booked On

Hippy Traveller is a community of enthusiasts travellers and specialist who creates a journey that will surpass your expectations. It is one stop destination for all your travel needs. Since I was looking for an offbeat destination in the Himalayas, and Hippy Traveller offers trips to unique destinations. So, I booked my trip to Deoria Tal with them and the process of booking was very seamless. Thank you for solving all my queries regarding this trip.

Travelling With Like-Minded People

It was friday, and I was really excited for my trip with Hippy Travellers. I reached the boarding point at Kashmere Gate Metro Station (Delhi), met my trip captain and other co-travellers. Travelling is that beautiful journey in which we connect with different like-minded people. A good company always lead into a memorable trip. After an overnight journey from Delhi we reached Sari Village at around 7am. Sari is a small village, quiet and “untouristy”. This quaint Himalayan village is still untouched from other commercialized cities & towns.We got freshen up, ate our yummilicious breakfast and prepared for the trek to Deoria Tal.

Camping At Deoria Tal

Surrounded with towering deodar and pine trees, the forest trek towards Deoria Lake is amazing. The trek is not that much difficult and fully recommended if you are a beginner. The 3 kms rugged trail will give you some breathtaking views of the mighty Himalayas. After hiking amidst woods & lush green meadows, we reached our campsite at Deoria Tal. The lake was so calm and the wide 360° panoramic view from there was simply mesmerizing. In the background, snow-capped peaks like Chaukhambha, Nilkantha, and Kedar range add to the beauty of this offbeat place. We had our lunch and spent some leisure time near the majestic Deoria Lake.

The sky turned crimson as the sun was bidding goodbye. We were sitting on a chair in front of the bonfire with tea in our hands. We geared up for the bonfire and fun activities with soulful music, played few games, shared our funny travel experiences and much more. It was so peaceful, chilly and after dinner we just laid down on the grass, gazing at the glittering stars!

Sunrise In The Himalayas

Though we slept late at night, but still woke up early just to see the blissful sunrise. Deoria Tal is a paradise for bird lovers. There are so many varieties of birds that If there was a birders’ trail, then it has got to be Deoriatal. There are hundreds of birds to see and photograph especially at early morning. We had our hot breakfast and packed our bags to trek down.

Before descending back to Sari Village, we clicked some group photographs and candid shots. It was a wonderful experience with everyone, and I will definitely gonna miss every moment I had on this trip to Deoriatal. We started our journey back to Sari Village with lots of memories to cherish for lifetime. Since, the village is non-touristy, therefore you will not find much options for food. We had our lunch finally headed out to Delhi in evening.

If you are a beginner and looking for an easy trek in the Himalayas, then head to Deoria Tal for a perfect getaway away from the chaos of city life. Experience the beauty of nature in utmost tranquility and feel rejuvenated. Thank you Hippy Traveller for curating this sweet little trip to Deoria Tal.

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Contributed by Sahil Singh (Travel Blogger)

An Adventure Trip to Kanatal

Uttarakhand – the Indian state where the holy Ganges originates, is the home to a number of pilgrimages and picturesque hill stations. This ‘Devbhoomi’ has something for every type of traveller and tourist. Beside popular hill retreats like Nainital, Mussoorie and Auli, this Himalayan state also offers some less known destinations.

Nestled in the lap of majestic hills, lush green pine forest, and complete serenity, Kanatal is an hidden paradise in Uttarakhand. Situated at an elevation of 8500 feet, this quaint hill retreat is secluded away from the hullabaloos of the city life.

Kanatal is a perfect weekend getaway destination to unwind amidst nature’s beauty. The name Kanatal is a combination of two words – Kana (one eyed) and Tal (lake). It is believed that once there existed a dried up lake.


Trip Planned With Hippy Traveller

After back-to-back trips to Himachal, I was looking for an unexplored destination in Uttarakhand for my next getaway. This time I planned to go with my college friends or should I say a bunch of mad people. I searched for a place where we can travel under minimal budget and for short duration.

At last, after much brainstorming we decided to travel Kanatal with Hippy Traveller, a community of passionate travel specialists who create customized leisure journeys to inspiring destinations. They provided us a personal Toyota Innova for our road trip to Kanatal.

From Delhi To Kanatal

I was really excited about this trip with my college buddies. We gathered at the boarding point (Netaji Subhash Place in Delhi) by 11pm, where we were greeted by our trip leader from Hippy Traveller community. He informed us about the trip itinerary and other necessary details regarding the tour. Finally, the journey began from Delhi to Kanatal with lots of fun and frolic. Playing songs, laughing on numerable college incidents and much more. For me and one of my best friend, this was a much awaited road trip after college. Since, we never went on a trip after that unforgettable Manali incident which took place during second year of our graduation.

After an overnight journey, we reached the divine city of Haridwar in morning. Situated on the Chamba-Mussoorie highway, Kanatal is a small village and an offbeat destination for peace seekers. We took a halt at a dhaba for breakfast and clicked some candid pictures there. The serpentine roads, lush green mountains and serene views made this journey a memorable one.

At around 10.30am, we reached at our campsite in Kanatal, surrounded with towering pine trees on one side and deep Himalayan valley on another side. The snow-capped peaks of Himalayas were clearly visible from our our campsite. Unlike Delhi’s summer heat, the weather was pleasant in this quaint hill retreat. We checked in into our bamboo cottages and relaxed for an hour or two. Staying like a local, away from the hustle & bustle of urban life, is an unmatchable experience in itself.

Forest Walk, Bonfire Fun & Music!

When everybody was sleeping, I headed out to to take a small walk around the campsite. I really loved the surreal environment of Kanatal. The beautiful vistas of Himalayan valley, pleasant atmosphere, and my never ending quench of wanderlust. After taking a small walk and capturing some amazing pictures, I returned to my campsite. We had our lunch in a small canteen which was nice. How can I forget to mention that hilarious jamming session in the canteen? Where we sang bhajans, bollywood songs, and what not.

After spending some leisure time at the campsite, we went for a small trek to Kaudia forest along with a guide. It is an easy trek of 4-5 kms amidst thick pine and deodar trees. Located at 1 km from Kanatal, the Kaudia forest range is an ideal place for nature lovers. The scenic view of huge valley and lofty Himalayas were truly enchanting. We felt so relieved while walking amidst utmost tranquility. Also, our guide informed us about different animals that are found in the Kaudia forest range. This is the most serene and charming place in Kanatal where you can feel rejuvenated.

As the day comes to a close, the sky turned crimson and grey. It was amazing to watch the blissful sunset from our campsite. I felt extremely delighted amidst mighty Himalayas, away from the chaos of Delhi. We relaxed along with some evening snacks and tea as the weather turned chilly. We really enjoyed dancing during bonfire with good music. After dinner we sat around the bonfire as it was freezing. It was so soothing to gaze at the full moon with some soulful music being played in the background. Truly, this will remain a night to remember for all of us.

Journey Back To Delhi

It was 6am in the morning, and I got up to watch the sunrise. But since it was drizzling, so I canceled my plan. We wake up around 9am and had our breakfast. We packed our bags and checked out from the cottages. Later, we went to a nearby eatery and relished upon a plate of hot Maggi. We played a small confession game and even shared our views regarding this trip while enjoying the pleasant weather and Maggi. I was awestruck to see the clouds kissing the hilltops.

After spending such great moments in Kanatal, we started our journey back to Delhi. While returning, we stopped at Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar and watched the holy ceremony of Ganga Aarti. Also, we tried out the famous aloo kachori at Mohan Puriwale and Delectable halwa puri at Mathura Walo Ki Prachin Dukaan.

Secluded away from the hustle & bustle, Kanatal offered an utmost serenity, and a much wanted solitude. Nestled in the lap of nature, this forgotten hill retreat is an ideal place to visit for a quick getaway. I had a memorable time at this hidden hamlet of Uttarakhand with my college friends. Thank you guys for becoming a part of my travel diary. In this ecstatic journey, I discovered some new bondings!

Thank you Hippy Traveller for organizing such this wonderful trip to an offbeat destination like Kanatal.

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Contributed by Sahil Singh (Travel Blogger)

Rishikesh – A Weekend Gateaway by Sahil Singh

Uttarakhand is the home to numerous Gods and Goddesses, India’s largest river Ganga and great Himalayan peaks. Therefore, this Indian state is truly known as ‘Devbhoomi’. Blessed with natural beauty, Uttarakhand (also known as Uttaranchal) offers so many places to visit on weekend. One such popular sacred place is Rishikesh. A short trip to Rishikesh can be planned easily and that too under minimal budget.

Located in the Pauri Garhwal district, this holy town is famous pilgrimage site among Hindus as India’s holiest River Ganga flows through it. Rishikesh is also known as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’ and finds an important place for every type of traveller.

Travelling With Hippy Traveller

Though I have been to Rishikesh many a time during childhood days but this time I wanted to experience the adventurous side of this holy city. To make it an unforgettable one I decided to travel with Hippy Traveller, a travel community of passionate travel specialists who create customized leisure journeys to inspiring destinations.

The trip started from Delhi at night. I met with my co-travellers at the boarding point and started off the journey to Rishikesh in a tempo traveller. It is always great to interact with new people while travelling. We stopped at a dhaba in between for dinner and to relax for a while. After an overnight journey of 7 hours, we reached the peaceful town of Rishikesh. We checked in into our respective camps and relaxed for an hour or two.

Let’s Wander In Rishikesh

The jungle camps were on the banks of Heval River (a tributary of Ganges) in the serene valley of Shivalik hills. After lunch, we went on the banks of Heval River to chill and capture some beautiful moments. Away from all the madness of urban life, I enjoyed some leisure time amidst tranquility.

Later on we visited Neer Garh Waterfall and the famous Lakshman Jhula in Rishikesh. This divine city is adorned with numerous ancient temples. We visited the significant Trayambakeshwar Mandir – 13 stories high temple, with each storey having idols of several Hindu deities. Outside the temple, there are few Shikanji walas (lemon soda). So, don’t miss out this refreshing drink!

As the day comes to a close, along with my co-travellers I headed towards the famous Parmarth Niketan to witness the Ganga Aarti. Daily thousands of people gather on the banks of this sacred river to thank Mother Ganga for nurturing their life.

Evening At The Campsite

After seeking divine blessings, we returned to our campsite for bonfire and music. Everybody gathered in the lawn, played foot taping soundtracks and enjoyed few snacks along with a cup of coffee Now that’s called a perfect getaway – amidst serene hills, gazing at the glittering stars and dancing with like-minded people. Away from the humdrum of the city life, the jungle camp offered a unique tranquil atmosphere simply great to break the monotony.

It was 10 pm, and the dinner was ready. The meals served at the campsite were delightful. Later on we played various interesting games and shared few spooky incidents. I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time for my next day’s river rafting expedition.

And The Adventure Begins!

I woke up early to experience the blissful sunrise amidst hills and sat for about half an hour in the lawn area with a cup of tea in my hand. We did our breakfast, checked out from the camps and headed towards Shivpuri — the starting point for river rafting. At Shivpuri, we met our two guides who gave us all the safety wears and necessary guidelines to be followed while the rafting. There were total 10 people in my raft including 2 guides. Finally, the thrilling journey began!

The Ganges in Rishikesh offers the most defined rapids for white water rafting expedition in India. Our rafting distance was of 16 kms which comprise 9 rapids of different grades (levels). After crossing the first rapid known as Shivpuri rapid we got an adrenaline rush.

The guides gave us appropriate instructions while rafting and boosted our confidence. Among all the major rapids, most thrilling one was ‘Roller Coaster’ which made us skip a heartbeat. Passing through beautiful Shivalik hills our raft took a break at Maggi Point, where we relaxed for few minutes, and clicked some candid pictures. Lazing around on the white sands of Ganges beaches offers utmost pleasure which can’t be described in words.

This amazing rafting adventure in the gushing rapids of Ganga came to an end at Lakshman Jhula. Truly, Rishikesh is an amalgamation of divinity and adventure.

Still Planning? Just Go & Experience Yourself!

This was my first white water rafting experience which I will cherish forever. I want everyone to just pack their bag and head towards this ‘Adventure Capital of India’ — Rishikesh. Last but not the least, I would love to thank Hippy Traveller for curating such an amazing trip to Rishikesh. It was great travelling with your travel community.

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Contributed by Sahil Singh (Travel Blogger)