Going Goa this Monsoon!

Going Goa this Monsoon!

Hello Travellers!

Many of you know that for the past few months, I have been travelling in Odisha. When I arrived here in the first week of April, summer was at its peak already and most Odia acquaintances had advised against visiting the state at this time, citing the unbearable heat and humidity as the reason.

But I came here anyway, and NOW, after spending almost three summer months travelling around the state, I have turned expert enough to advise curious friends and fellow travellers to avoid coming here in the summer months, particularly April and May.

So after months of scorching myself exploring one of the hottest parts of the country, surviving the extreme pre-monsoon heat and getting myself tanned 5 different shades of brown, I am ready to reward myself with a little rainy break and what better place to soak in the rain, than Goa! Cliché, you would say, but trust me, when it comes to experiencing Indian monsoons in all its splendour, few places can match Goa’s magnetism. If I were to put pointers on the best reasons to visit Goa in Monsoons, the following three reasons would cover it all.

1. Green Paradise

With its exotic natural vistas and seductive charm, Goa keeps mesmerizing the visitors all the year round. However, during the monsoons, its seductive charm becomes tough to resist. Rain washes everything up, turning the land into a quintessential tropical paradise – with lush greenery reining all corners, swaying palm trees, shiny paddy fields, sparkling colourful houses, and so many shades of green all around.

2. Less Touristy

The icing on Goa’s ‘tropical paradise’ cake is the fact that it is less crowded this time of the year, thanks to the burgeoning seas and rolled up shacks. So for people like me, who are not too fond of the crowds, are not into water sports and wish to enjoy Goa at a leisurely pace, monsoons is the best time to be here. So lush landscape, choppy seas and a fewer people around…sounds just about right!

3. Seasonal Discounts

Given the fact the most tourists stay away during the monsoons, it’s the best time to make the most of the seasonal discounts available at most of the hotels in Goa. While Goa has no dearth of accommodations catering to all kinds of budget, many top rated hotel properties offer a stay that defines luxury and indulgence. And monsoons are just the right season to check out their special packages.

While these are my top reasons to pick Goa for a monsoon holiday, I can go on and on about its heritage treasures and cultural delights. May be in some another post. For now, I will leave you with this alluring photo from Goa monsoons last year. Ah, the lush tropical vibes. Enjoy!